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Flower Painting/ Drawing
Flower Painting/ Drawing
acrylic and mixed media on wood

The acrylic and mixed media on wood drawings/ paintings evolve from my abundant collections of sketched-on scraps of paper and wood. Created through the accumulation of many marks and layers of paint, they are often glued together, sawed into smaller compositions, cut apart, reoriented, sanded, scraped, and repainted. It is often difficult to know exactly when a work is complete, but I try to make each painting evolve in a different way than the one that came before it by finding the right balance between clarity and disintegration.

Through this balance of process, form, and material, I want each work to exhibit a kind of awkward familiarity. These blobby diagrams suggest daily processes (and hint at a few possible narratives) and are informed by such non-art drawings as carved initials in trees, phone conversation doodles, and the walls of a well-lived-in house. This daily record of mark making fascinates me, for it is an indication of the overwhelming need to leave a visible record of our existence.