sculpture, etc. > new sculptures + paintings (2018-2017)

7 New Sculptures (and a few small paintings) at The Parachute Factory

Sketched, built, carved, drawn-on, dis-assembled, rebuilt, painted, tethered, clamped, and tinkered-upon (memory-inducing?) studio-space-craft-vessel forms……………….sort of. Perhaps they are ruminations on the idea of an ark. Maybe they are beautiful. Made primarily from reclaimed materials, these process-oriented works take a winding path to completion, evolving from continuously redrawn sketches and traveling through many transformations before being cut apart, reassembled, and reworked. Parts are often transplanted, left behind, or recycled.

And somewhere between clarity and disintegration, the acrylic and mixed media on plywood paintings are created through the accumulation of many marks and layers of paint. These blobby diagrams suggest daily processes and are informed by carved initials in trees, phone conversation doodles, and the residual surfaces of studio walls.